Snow Removal

Grasshoppers performs the full range of snow removal services and can take care of any size property. We have a big snow crew and equipment to handle the smallest flurry and the biggest snow piles. Our snow crews are used to getting up early, really early, and we begin many day-of-storm clean-ups at 2-3am. Our days are long, typically 14-16 hrs on the day of a storm, and we work diligently for days after the storm ensuring that each property is treated with the care required.

Our service offerings include:

  • Shoveling & snow blowing

  • Plowing and skid-steer snow pushing

  • Large pile removal with loaders

  • Snow pile removal and dumping

  • Ice mitigation with Bareground and ice melt products

  • Real-time camera-monitoring of sites available upon request


Durango colorado

Durango Colorado

Durango colorado